Tranquillus Animus by Don Beukes


My very essence will

remain undisturbed by

your venomous animosity

your obvious jaded jealousy

your unpredicted volcanic

humanity – I must insist you

permanently resist your toxic

lexical vomiting – I tell

you this before you drown

in your chosen bottomless abyss

your swirling spiralling vortex.


My core being refuses to be ignited

by your spitefulness –

Your absent requiescence

humanity’s crumbling



I urge you to compose yourself

to take stock and unlock your

genetic kindness, liberate your

loneliness to find your inner bliss –

You might think yourself able to

expose and arouse my unseen

hostility – My human animus

but I am steered, guided,

protected by my chosen tranquility.


I see your pain, your twisted

emotional strain – Look at me

and you might just see a gift

of white feather tranquility –

My own imperfect humanity

then allow yourself to choose

and reach a state of

tranquillus animus.


© Don Beukes


Excerpt from the book “The Salamander Chronicles”

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

don-beukesAbout the Author

Mr. Don Beukes is a retired teacher of English and Geography. Originally from Cape Town in South Africa, he grew up in the shadow of Table Mountain, always aspiring to achieve the best in life, despite living in a racially divided country. He lives by his favorite motto ‘Carpe Diem’ and endeavors to seize every opportunity in life to make the most of each day. This also filters through to his poetry, attempting to adjust our moral compass in our ever-changing global village. He enjoys gardening and is a keen amateur photographer.

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