~ From Dark to Light ~

~ From Dark to Light ~

In times of trouble
When it’s hard to see
I close my eyes
And I journey…

Emptying my mind
And watching my breath
With condition and openness…
I arrive at the hearts truth

Sitting in observation
I see beauty and light
The singing of birds
Cause me to take flight

The journey to divine
Has set me free…
With each and every breath
I am reminded of life’s simplicity

Traveling to the state of clarity
I am gently shown life’s purity
Inhaling a new sense of identity
Exhaling all of my troubles exponentially

Without the observer
There are no observations
Without the thinker
There are no thoughts…

Having taken the journey
From dark to light
Became the beginning and the end
As well as the first step and the last …

I gained a new understanding of self through the dark and the light.

© Raja Williams

Excerpt from “The Journey Along The Way”

Signed Copies Now Available At: http://site.ifoundmyconnection.com/services.html

Art By: Donna Stobie

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