Sweet Something’s

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA --- Couple watching sunset in Hawaii. --- Image by © Leigh Righton/Corbis

Engage the senses to raise the crescendo
Of bursting flavors to enchant each sense
For the sweetness of love
To hear the words
To feel the touch
To taste the tanginess of it
To smell the beautiful scent
Awaking life from a deep slumber
An amorous dose of medicine
That eases the pain of loneliness
Sharing outside of one’s self with another while being with
one’s self
Something to ride and transition into eternal love
Sooth me sweetness
Walk beside me hand in hand
To warm the heart and fortify the soul. . .

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

Excerpt from his book “Journey To The Poetic Light”

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• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Leigh Righton/Corbis

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3 replies

  1. This is very beautiful, I was inspired. I would love to link you in on what this beautiful post contributed. Thanks for the post.


  2. Thank you for leaving a comment Jmdleflore! ❤



  1. Two Separate Journeys, One Flight | Behind The Eyes

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