Writing Tip: How Different Types of Writing Can Benefit You

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We all know that budding writers are in pursuit of being published. Indeed, many of us share that common goal, whether for the first time or the tenth time. But sometimes too little attention is given to the power of writing as a kind of personal, solitary fulfillment and the benefits it can provide us both professionally and mentally. This should be just as important for each of us as our final goal.

We are not merely talking about stories or poems here: writing can bring you personal benefits in many forms that go beyond your creative side yet help to assist it, such as by providing new ideas or lessons on grammar. Diaries, journals, plot outlines, lists, essays, letter … just about anything that requires a pen and paper and the written word will fit the description. You might be writing to improve your memory, to learn, to give yourself reminders, and so on.

It is the activity of writing (and not necessarily the act of writing creatively) that we are discussing here. Why? Well, writing is a skill that develops over time and with plenty of practice, which, as they say, makes perfect. Honing your punctuation, grammar and proofreading skills, for instance, can be done really well in non or less creative forms of writing. Keeping a journal or diary is a good way to improve your memory, which will come in handy when you have something long to write or think up a great line with five hours left to go at work or school – and nowhere handy to write it down. And writing every day is, of course, good practice.

Writing can also benefit your mental health. On the basest level, it allows you to take the thoughts within your mind and express them in the written form, whether with or without the use of metaphorical devices. This can be particularly helpful for those of us who regularly feel stressed out or find our thoughts getting in the way of our daily lives and our writing goals. If you can get these thoughts out of your mind, then (who knows!) you may be removing the one thing that is preventing you from writing a masterpiece. Personal writing can be a way for us to get these issues off our chests and provide us with a sense of satisfaction.

It is not easy to write every single day, especially not for those of us who are focused on our creativity or producing something that will catch the attention of an agent or a publisher. But alternative methods of everyday writing can provide an outlet during moments of – let’s call it “Writer’s Block” – and provide our writing skills a boost along the way.

By Laura Marie Clark

Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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Laura is a 23 year old English woman with a history degree residing in the UK. She has been writing for many years and enjoys writing horror/fantasy stories, as well as poetry. Laura released her first poetry book “City Of The World” in November of 2015.

Visit Laura’s Author Page: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/laura-marie-clark.html

Visit Laura’s Blog: https://inspiredstoriesandpoems.wordpress.com/




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