Writing Tip: Handling Rejection

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In life, we sometimes have to deal with rejection. The same happens, at one point or another, to most people who attempt to publish their writing. Whether you want to be a professional writers or you’re just curious and want to get better, at some point you will probably consider submitting something you have written to a blog, journal, or other publication. You might want a little more attention or you might want to see your name in lights – whatever your reasons, you need to be able to continue writing and submitting if you are rejected.

Rejection does not mean that your writing is poor. The publisher may not be looking for something within that genre at that time. If you’re in a competition, there may be such a high standard of writing from everybody that you simply did not get chosen. It is important that you are able to motivate yourself to continue building up your skills and do not allow this rejection to prevent you from writing.

There are many ways to handle rejection, and many websites that can advise you on the best ways to deal with it in various situations. As a writer, you must find the way that you can overcome your rejection. You could submit to other publications – the more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. Motivate yourself to keep writing: remember that there are many famous authors who have been rejected. One setback is not enough to judge your skills on – and keep telling yourself that until you taste success!

Written by: Laura Clark

* Laura is a 23 year old English woman with a history degree residing in the UK. She has been writing for many years and enjoys writing horror/fantasy stories, as well as poetry. You can view her work at: https://inspiredstoriesandpoems.wordpress.com/



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  1. With respect, most manuscripts ARE rejected because they are poorly written. Less than 10% of the work submitted to publishers begins to approach publishability.


  2. Yes!!! For a few years now, I thought when poets, or (those that had to let some air out of their heads) would criticize my poetry, I would cringe, just the utterance of the degrading words, that was about to enter my soul from these “vain beginners” also, telling me, “You need to do this”, “Don’t say that”, or “You need to wait before you put that out their”…. The nerve! That killed my soul and quivered my spirit. Then Thank God, I prayed for a writing group that would help me through this pain, block, dry inking spell… Creative Talent Unleashed came through like a illuminating Light!! Raja, and Team Family 👪 CTU, I Love You, And Without You, I Don’t Know What I’d Be Doing with my words…..Shihi SuynShyn ❤


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