Shining The Spotlight On: Akan Udofia/Awa Chigozie Jerome

Spot 6


What shall be? When the future comes home
Shall my dreams lie like corals?
Or will they breath from an aching heart?
I feel lost because the sun shines so dim

The earth bows to my dreams
Latent at the tip of my pen
Reverse is the case for the eyes of men
Like sea waves, life pushes my dreams

From the climax to footpaths
Yet I pick the fragile dreams
And mold them to taller ones
Against the gale pushing shafts in the wind

Now the sweet scent of brighter days
Is tortured by the gloomy rays
That has fallen on earth
And punctured my breath

What shall I do?
Now that my heart awaits tomorrow
What shall I do?
When my water is tasty too

My feet grab earth and its mud
Awaiting the chariots with tomorrow’s sword
Tomorrow’s moon is darker than its father
What shall I do? For my eyes to see you

© Akan Udofia/Awa Chigozie Jerome 2015

Featured Writers at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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