Every year bout this time A moment of honor comes about To which I must write this rhyme To the one man on earth I am most devout I call him dad But he’s so much more It was almost… Read More ›


Water in pot, on stove of flame. Slow heat torch beneath acclaim Expansion of blood vessels, frying of nerves Scorching of mind, simmering words Stubbing of toe in dark of night Finger poke in chest asking plight Too much coffee… Read More ›

All Used Up

I often think about how I’ll die A million how’s When’s Where’s And why’s And the life I have lived thus far Has not left me with quite enough scars I don’t want to die All pretty and put together… Read More ›


Oh wretched man How is it that your heart beats So much anger in your veins And defilement that you eat And you wretched soul What is it that you seek You gnaw on me from the inside out And… Read More ›


Who? Who am I, that you would die, To take away my sin? Who am I? But some dumb guy Who just keeps doing it over again Who am I? That you would buy This damaged sinner some a place?… Read More ›