Questioning God


Who am I, that you would die,
To take away my sin?

Who am I?
But some dumb guy
Who just keeps doing it over again

Who am I?
That you would buy
This damaged sinner some a place?

Who am I?
That you would cry
When tears rolled down my face?

Who is he?
That calls to me
To walk with him hand in hand?

Who is he?
Who would live in me
Chief sinner of all the land?

Who is he?
Who set me free
To live this life of faith?

Who is he?
Who let me see
His love for me so great?

Who are you?
To judge me too
You have no rhyme or place?

Who are you?
To say I’m doomed
You need yourself some grace.

Who are you?
To bring all this gloom
When you should be runnin your own race?

Who are they?
To say ok
To what they think or say?

Who are they?
To turn away
Any soul that comes their way?

Who are we?
And why can’t we see
Today may be our last?

Who are we?
Yes you and me
To just sit here on our (donkey)?

Who are we?
Again you and me
To keep this grace to ourselves?

Who are we?
Isn’t it plain to see
That we are just sitting on shelves?

Who am I?
That you would die
While I’m busy serving myself?

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Christine Mariner/Design Pics/Corbis

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