You’re Show

Pressing On

You are the water and I need a drink
You are the thought that I need to think
You are the bread and I need to eat
You are the washer of my feet

You are the sun when the rain won’t stop
I am the bottom and you are the top
You are the life and I want to live
I want to give the love that you give

I am the hostage in the enemies’ camp
You are the way and I need the map
I fail every second of every hour of every day
I fail too often to do what you say

You are the truth in a world of lies
You are the reason no question why
You are the king and I’ll be your jester
You are the standard by which I’m measured

You wear the crown and within it I’m a jewel
You are the price paid for this fool
You are grace in the most profound sense
You are my reason to repent

I am a saint in the body of a sinner
I am a looser in the heart of a winner
The prince of peace the king of all
The Lord of lords the writing on the wall
The lover of souls the keeper of the key
The one the only who came after me
The king and the subject grace to the damned
The potter with the clay in hand

I’ll be second just don’t let go
I know when I look at you that this is your show

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”
• Also available on by Title

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  1. Very inspired prayer here of gratitude and recognition. Loved the post thanks for sharing.


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