Pressing On

Every year bout this time
A moment of honor comes about
To which I must write this rhyme
To the one man on earth I am most devout

I call him dad
But he’s so much more

It was almost always just him and I
With what seemed to be occasional stoppers by
Almost always lonely together
But held each other up in all weather

Never did we agree always
But we always agreed on some days
Always each other’s dinner pal
Always made it through some how

He is my biggest fan
We dragged and chased each other
All over this land
From home in Cali to Johnstown PA
Must have drove a million miles along the way

Bmx racing was our scene
Racing from town to town
Always there rooting for me
And picking me up when I was down

When I think of superheroes

I always think of him
Late nights and early mornings
Cause money was always slim

In my eyes
He was the strongest man I knew
Arms as big as Texas
And sometime I swore he flew

He is a man’s man
Working with his hands
Taught me to love the oldies
Now they play on in my memories

It seems like we worked every weekend
Sometimes it seemed without end
We talked about all things
He is the truest of all my friends

Not all times were good times
But how good
Would the good times be?
Without bad times
to show us how good,
good times could be

I learned all of being a man
From my dad and his manly stand
I always think of him when I hear the song daddy’s hands

This isn’t all I have to say
But there are other dads on dad’s day
So thank you for reading
This poem about the man
That has never been anything less
Than my dad.

I love you dad.

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

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