Pressing On

Oh wretched man
How is it that your heart beats
So much anger in your veins
And defilement that you eat

And you wretched soul
What is it that you seek
You gnaw on me from the inside out
And Through the punctures do you speak

Oh broken spirit
Why does your face hang low?
As if the whole world is broken
And your countenance has no glow

Again Oh wretched man
How is it that you stand?
To be what you are right now
Just let me go
And you can keep your wicked crown

Oh my wretched soul
You torment me so
Who do you think you are?
You always come and go
Like a rerun picture show
Strangling my fleshy heart

How you never miss
I ache from limb to limb
You beat me down
To the lowest ground
And finish me on the chin

Why doest thou not killith me
But leave here me to heal
And as soon as I do
And I’m no longer black n blue
Another piece of me you do steel




While you still can
Let mercy fall like rain
And the evil for which you stand
Must leave this broken man
Please go back to the where in which you came

Oh my lovely Lord
How much more can I afford
I am week in every way
As I lie here on the floor
Begging please no more
And I Beg you come and stay

Don’t leave me here alone
A pile of weeping’s and groans
How my spirit moans
As I lie here weeping all alone.

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

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