Pressing On

Water in pot, on stove of flame.
Slow heat torch beneath acclaim
Expansion of blood vessels, frying of nerves
Scorching of mind, simmering words
Stubbing of toe in dark of night
Finger poke in chest asking plight
Too much coffee and its hot outside
Bumper to bumper stopped traffic car ride
Bubbles start to form in the bottom of the pot
Flame turned up, add a little more hot
Molecules start to wiggle a bit
Evaporation starts stage one tantric fit
Liquid into gas
Molecules start moving fast
As water and heat do toil
And separation starts to boil
Blood pressure pounds skyward
Higher and higher loss of sanity byword
Raging pulse banging heart
Out of order alphabet with no end or start
Water to vapor steam burns thoughts
Rationality gone, patience shot
Like an engine at full throttle, over revved
I don’t want to be like this, rather be dead
Boiling point reached
Now I must decide
Be angry and do not sin
Turn off the flame, let the heat reside
Or reach out in blinded fury
Family sees you, begin to worry
Will he hurt us, will he lose his mind
Will he snap and maybe hurt us this time
Run hide, get away fast
Oh my God when will this pass?

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

Now Available At:
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