Featured Writer: Jeffery Martin

Jeffery Martin

Author Jeffery Martin has written 10 books and contributed poetry to 7 anthologies. “Weapon of Choice” won the 2008 New Jersey Beach Book Festival ‘Best Book of Poetry’ and honorable mention in both the New York Book Festival and London Book Festival. Mr. Martin, a storyteller, has also used stories to inspire classrooms and youth groups in both New York and California. While living in Rochester New York he founded the BEHOLD Theater group (he hopes to kick start this again) which introduced to youth to various disciplines within the arts, ranging from Poetry to Fencing. Recently retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District he plans on taking poetry, drumming and storytelling on the road to reach a broader audience. He is currently writing a film script with hopes of releasing it sometime in 2018. His most recent book “Jus Sayin” released in June 2017 is a myriad of thoughts he has shared over social media over the past few years.

Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’


December 23, 2014

My greatest growth as a person, a man, a poet came when opinions lost their power over me. Validation, I found, was my monopoly when it came to me. I hear everyone, but I listen to me.

December 31, 2014

As 2014 ends I have to send love and appreciation to my mom who physically transitioned November 7th and my biological father who never was in my life. Two opposite impacts that came together to give me life. I’m here because of both. I devalue neither one. The universe works that out.

All I know is I am grounded and both of you had something to do with the process. Mom, I feel you. Dad, we’re not there yet but believe me your son is not playing life, I’m living it.

2015 bring it!

May 10, 2015

On mother’s day, I look past the flowers, past the one day of accolades. Instead, I focus on the stories and hardships that created the mother I came to know. My story will be different from those of my siblings (as it should be). Yes, we will all speak of the love, the laughs, the good times but we will not speak of these stories. I know my mother was not treated well when pregnant with me (she wasn’t married).

Her father a staunch Christian (whatever that means) forced her to leave his home when he found out. There were options for my mom but the only one she considered was having and keeping me. Filled pews on mother’s day can never speak to that kind of courage. A courage she never spoke about.

Once I learned these things I looked at parenting differently. It wasn’t just black and white, there were many shades of gray in there also.

May 16, 2015

Children teach me something every day. By working with them I am reminded constantly that our smiles start out sincere, our friendships begin non-judgmental and color determines nothing. It is an honor to help those who teach me so much.

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