Little Birdie – Author Veronica Thornton

© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporation


She may have stumbled but she did not fall
she was just delayed in seeing the writing on the wall
sitting there stunned and dazed
something wonderful happened and she was truly amazed
the freedom of the birds and butterflies
was something that made her question why
when she opened her eyes
there it was what she hadn’t realized
one little bird that left the sky to ask why is it that you cry
once she stopped to answer
the bird said don’t worry we all make mistakes
they seem to grow like cancer
fortunately for you there is an answer
he said take a deep breath, stop and then look at the lake
there lies the many tears of sorrow and heartache
collected over the years of other people’s mistakes
he told her you are in the right place
whatever happened was for a reason
now it is time to prepare for another season
stumble but still remain humble
strong women can get through it all
as the woman started to smile
the bird turned and said by the way I like your style
then in a flash the bird was gone
and the woman was once again all alone
but as she stopped to think
that bird had left as fast as it came in just a blink
at that moment she heard a voice say
just know you are stronger than you think
now the woman decided to be more receptive
seeing that even a little bird can be perceptive
giving insight without any objective
or was it all just a matter of perspective.

© Veronica Thornton

Excerpt from the book “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me”

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Photo Credit: © 145/Liz Whitaker/Ocean/Corbis

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