Shining The Spotlight on: Kelly Klein

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Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders

MicroPoetry One Word Challenge: FATE


Came and struck me,
like a lighting bolt in the Summer of 1983.
Charming, with brown eyes and locks of curly brown hair.
Enamored by the ballerina girl’s innocence and zest for life.
Swept her off her pointed toes and out of her tutu,
for a weekend of young lust.
For her,
It was love at first sight.
Went back to college, then law school.
Ballerina girl danced out her dreams in Boston.
For the next thirty years
Brought the two back together often.
Friends were all they were ever meant to be.
Once called… “Us”
Kindred spirits
After all these years,
I just want to ask you…
“Why didn’t he choose me”?
“Why didn’t he want me”? “Why didn’t he love me”?
I still wouldn’t trade the
shocks from the lighting bolts over the past 30 yrs.
That’s the thing about
It is unpredictable.
U remember your first love forever.
I think, that is your heart smiling…
It can hurt so deep to the core of your being, that you feel the pain your whole life.
I think that is your heart breaking…

© Kelly Klein 2/9/16

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”
MicroPoetry Challenge.


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