Inspiration Call: Tell this story…


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Souris Pour Moi
    (Smile For Me)

    Where have you gone my fiesty little princess?
    Your vigor and zest all but a shadow of what was once.
    How I long for the smile that comes despite the hunger?

    I missed those times when you can sleep dreamlessly;
    When you can run and chase yellow fireflies without care,
    And those moments when you can just cry without hiding.

    Are you still there, burning dimly somewhere within me?
    The rough passage and heated crucible wiped your innocence,
    Or is it just your ignorance and foolishness that got taken away?

    Will time be so kind to let you out before memories turns to grey,
    Faded and becomes clouded with illusions of youth amidst…
    The brittle bone and dim eye sight of the altered wisdom of old?

    If you can hear my plea, please answer me, let me feel you,
    And once more be you, if not, like you just a little bit.
    When no one is looking and I feel blue, fire up my torch within.

    Let me see the road where I walk, even how muddy and steep,
    Ease my journey, let me breathe in your golden essence again –
    That child in me, stay alive and continue to remind me…

    Not to be afraid of green monsters inside my head.
    For delusions are for the sleeping and I am still awake.
    Not to waste a single effort you had made,
    For everything counts and I am not done collecting.
    Not to forget that your choices were mine as well,
    For whatever it was, it made me who I am, and still becoming.

    Let me look at you with my brown eyes under the shadows…
    Of many sundowns and moon rises, of tides that ebbed and splashed.
    To feel humbled with a gracious heart for the way things had turned.

    Despite the many challenges of the road you had travelled
    Of the many crossroads and forkroads you had chosen to take
    I am here still hoping, not without scars, but all the better for it.

    Keep smiling, and I will remember as I walk ahead.

    ©OxyMoronice G.L.emz


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