We´re bound to this materialistic universe by ecoplasmic sperm,
We´re Tied to this planet by umbilical love, secure & so very firm,
At birth wrapped tight in swaddling to keep us safe, snug & warm,
Held within our mother´s arms, from where we can never be torn.

Our life in this world ties & bounds us up in so many different ways,
Tied up in ribbons, bows, tight clothes, uncomfortable corseted stays,
Some are chained behind bars, in handcuffs, in guilt or illness unseen,
Others bound by hunger, crime, poverty & the endless silent scream.

We tie ourselves up in love´s illusion; others tied up within their hate,
We get knotted in religions, sects, cults, or in the promises of the state,
We tie ourselves to alcohol, drugs, debt, to need & unnecessary things,
Then find we´re no longer free, cannot fly, we´ve clipped & tied our wings.

With the shoddy crepe bandages of age & the shedding of cells & skin,
We slowly start untying the knots; we unwind & release the sticking pins,
We shed life´s gripping & strangling bindings & finally step out of the fray,
Singing hallelujah, we feel free at last & ready to run, leap & joyfully play.

Like the snake shedding its skin, our bindings loosened & trailing behind,
We go towards & into the light, with nothing to hinder nor tightly bind,
We dance, light & free, we are no longer prisoners bound to earth´s life,
No more restricting earthly bindings to cause us egotistical pain & strife.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Lili Saatchi

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