Spotlight Poet: Elle McLin



2 a.m.

Something is kind of beautiful
About late night hours
The wind howling
The windows shaking
And all that breeze tapping on the pane

Something is kind of beautiful
About the night
And though I resist rest
As I detest that lay with the bed
I love my peaceful time

Something is quite beautiful
About 2 a.m.
When dreams are featured
And painted in real time
I know I love my “me” time

And you know…
As time floats
I resist looking at my watch
Or checking on the clock
Wanting to be frozen in the moment

Sometimes I want to talk
But only pen and paper will listen
For family are deep in slumber
And if I try to dial their number
No more peace will it be

Something is oh so sweet
And quite unique
About the sounds of this house
The floor squeaks
And the musical droplets in the sink

No dogs barking
No kid’s squawking
It’s just me and the night
As I resist all fight
Just to face this calming peace

It’s really beautiful this wee hour
The steaming radiators,
Humming noises
Wind howling
And I, just typing away at 2 a.m.


© Elle McLin

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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