Writing Tip: Advice for Aspiring Writers From 14 Published Authors

What advice would you give to aspiring writers who have dreams of publishing or making writing a career choice?


D.B. Hall

1.  To keep learning the craft. You will have never arrived and never learned it all. Your poems will never be perfect, keep polishing them. Do not be afraid of constructive critique or react negatively to it, learn from it instead. Use it as fertilizer to fuel your desire to be a better poet or writer.

~ D.B. Hall author of Pebbles In The Stream


A.M. Torres

2. Write every day. No matter how busy you get, find the time even if that’s ten or twenty minutes daily.  Don’t allow anyone to discourage you.  Some may tell you that that writing is not a real job, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing it. You will face a lot of frustrations, but it’s worth it.  I’ve become a writer and a poet, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ A.M. Torres author of Turmoil


Tony Haynes

3. Don’t give up on yourself… and write compulsively.

~ Tony Haynes author of Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition


Glenda Higgins

4. Poetry has no master.  I found it can’t be taught, explained or contained in meter or rhyme, if it doesn’t want to be.  I know many people will argue with me about that and have.  This is just how it is for me.

As for other types of writing, I’d say, “Take as many courses as you can!”  There is so much to know and to do wrong.  Poetry leads us into other types of writing, but we really need to know what we are doing – how to characterize, which narrative voice to choose, how to revise using our “inner critic”, how to work with our editors, etc.  I now understand why people take university courses in “writing”.

~ Glenda Higgins author of Poetry In Motion

IMGP0006 (1)

Ken Allan Dronsfield

5. Number 1 – Don’t quit your day job….the pay is most certainly miniscule. But honestly, talk to those who have published poems, stories, etc. When you see acceptance post by others, go to the website listed and check out the Submission Guidelines, follow them to the letter and send your best. Don’t get discouraged if you get the rejection. Take your time and keep persevering….you will get published sooner or later…..

~ Ken Allan Dronsfield author of The Cellaring


Elizabeth Diane Daniel

6. Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever give up. There will be naysayers who tell you that you are just a dreamer, dream bigger. They’ll tell you that you’re just a little fish in a big ocean, be a shark. Keep writing, never let your own doubt cloud your aspirations. My biggest piece of advice, never forget why you fell in love with writing in the first place. Keep that sense of excitement and passion!

~ Elizabeth Diane Daniel author of Diary of a Poet


William Wright, Jr.

7. Read a lot of books; don’t worry too much about what other writers are doing; heed the advice of seasoned writers, publishers, and editors; and most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough; write as often as you can and to the best of your ability.

~ William Wright, Jr. author of The Slums Of Nightfall


Don Beukes

8. As a new writer myself, I would advise any new aspiring writer to act on that stirring within themselves when they feel compelled to write down their thoughts, experiences and ideas floating and swirling like mad in their heads. If you are feeling frustrated, underrated even humiliated but your writing liberates you; then break out, lash out, shout it out loud by sharing your writing at the first opportunity you get. Even if you are unsure about where your poetry or writing will end up, always be ready for your breakout moment. Believe in your passion and let it continue to burn within until you can share the embers to eager readers. You are unique. Let your words speak.

~ Don Beukes author of The Salamander Chronicles


Brenda-Lee Ranta

9. I think essentially, everyone has the capacity to write.  I think we all have a story waiting inside of us.  The best pieces are honest pieces, however you have to be committed to your craft or it will remain stagnant and predictable.  Read other poets works to get yourself out of a continual loop.  Be willing to take chances, put yourself out there and when you feel ready, make submissions to writing competitions, however you should only compete with yourself by improving and opening up you inner self with every new project.  Writing is a craft that has to be honed.  Words are a miracle, they can alter the vision of even the most mundane of things.

~ Brenda-Lee Ranta Author of Allegories, and Myriad of Perceptions


Markus Fleiscman

10. Dreams are the beginning of reality everything I this life started with a single dream, don’t ever let yourself believe that it won’t happen just keep moving forward and never be afraid to ask for help if needed. Writing is like being born, we start off crawling and end up running but only with practice and the right guidance.

~ Markus Fleiscman author of A Tome Of Musings and A Stained Glass Heart


Daryl P. Hall

11. My advice would be never give up. Write for yourself, firstly, rather than anyone else. If you write with integrity and from the heart your words will always resonate with others. Always be prepared to pay your dues, don’t be in a hurry to see your work in print straight away. Some of my work which people complimented me on years ago would never make it into my books now. Writing is always the most important thing, not being published. Publishing is a beautiful thing and I see it as a great bonus. Immerse yourself in poetry, all genres, and all formats. That way, you build up a broad pallet from which to paint your pictures.

~ Daryl P. Hall author of Lifelines For the Soul


Leon Pryce

12. My advice to any writer out there is not to be afraid of writing and expressing yourself. You must know who you are and what you represent. Know the purpose or reason you are writing and who you are writing for or the audience you are sending your message to. Writing is not a career like journalism, writing is the life you live and the journey you take but there is no destination.

~ Leon Pryce author of Immortalized Through Poetry


Lyne Beringer

13. Write, write, write, and then write some more.  After that, get yourself a thick skin because there will always be people who won’t like or agree with what you write. Every writer has felt the sting of unkind words or a bad revue.  Just move on and keep writing.  I’m a firm believer that if a person wants something bad enough, then they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal.  At least more often than not.

~ Lyne Beringer author of Alaskan Vogue


Sarah Lamar King

14. Take a step out and just do it.  I am glad I waited as long as I did, or I don’t think the book would have turned out as well.  When I was writing the pieces there was no pressure, it just came when it came. So publishing later was a blessing in disguise.  I guess my advice would be to take your time, you will know when you are ready, and then don’t let anything hold you back. It may get scary, a little stressful, but doesn’t everything?  You will be OK. It’s an amazing feeling.

~ Sarah Lamar King  author of My North Star Misled Me and Melancholy’s Autograph


Simply Me

Raja Williams – C.E.O. Creative Talents Unleashed


Ms. Raja Williams, also known as Raja’s Insight, fiercely arrived on the writer’s scene in 2012 after being awakened by a prolific poet, lyricist, songwriter, and music producer whom encouraged her to write daily. After nearly twenty years of pent up words only floating in her own head she began to allow the words to spill out onto empty pages and find way to readers  needing encouraging words.

Through her own publishing process and having connected with so many amazing writers and poets from around the world Raja was moved to create a community for writers; now known as “Creative Talents Unleashed.

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  1. Raja,
    Excellent tips of encouragement and information to Improving as a writer. Big thanks to you and all of the helpful poets.

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  3. How do a person get started in writing, and I love to sit down just created a story and poems, and how do a true writer get started in writing, I love to spend the day just write to myself, and sometime I get crazy and lazy about my writing, but I think it is ok to get started that way, but I what my writing to said something to my reader, and how do I get started. Thank you Belinda, Burroughs


  4. Very encouraging to a “new-be”. Thank you everyone!


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    Great to get such helpful tips from so many awesome writers!


  6. I found these writing tips refreshing as they pointed out the varied elements that comprise successful writing. As different as shells are on the beach, each one has a beauty, a truth, worth observing. Thank you for such valuable knowledge and encouragement!



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