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All of us go through the storms of life, feeling like we are in a firestorm of circumstances where sometimes we cannot see a way out and easily give up hope. We doubt our own strengths and natural instinct to survive. In the animal kingdom, the Salamander is a newt-like amphibian that typically has bright markings, once thought able to endure fire. In reality, some species can shed their tails during an attack and grow a new one. Others are able to grow back limbs and damaged organs lost in fights with predators due to a special immune system.

Who are your predators in life? How many times do you have to defend yourself against your own beliefs and remain steadfast against those who oppose you?

Each of us has a shared humanity, although brittle and fragile at times and despite our cultural and religious differences. Allow yourself to regain your confidence in life, despite the circumstances we all go through.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”

–  Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to freedom

Let us all help each other to get up after a fall.

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