Introducing Author Tony Haynes “Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition”


Foreword . . .
Tony Haynes, a prolific word-smith, brings you thought provoking poetry in his latest collection Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition. Tony has an eloquent way of arranging words that provokes the reader to mentally visualize real life scenarios in a way that may have eluded one’s own perception in the past. The collection of poems herein will have you reflecting upon some of your own traditions and beliefs while keeping you captivated with new thoughts and ideas. Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition will take you on an acrostic, poetic journey recognizing different facets of handed down information, beliefs and customs by word of mouth that have often been passed down from one generation to the next.

In the chapter Dysfunctional Is Another Name For Family. How Does Your Family Function? Haynes writes “You Can’t Pick Your Family But You Can Pick Your Friends”, a subject that many people can relate to as often the world we are living in is far from perfect. Tony reminds us through his powerful acrostic poetry that our families provide us strong roots that are inherent to the character we have become and lay down the foundation for the traditions that were passed along to us.

My personal favorite chapter in Tony’s book is Live As If Your Life Depended On It. Here you will find poetry that inspires you to look at life differently; to step back and evaluate the circumstances around you. The author gently reminds us that we have the power to choose how we perceive things and that we have the ability to create the life we want to live. Tony has a strong sense of self and an openness that reads clearly in each of his written passages. He will touch on and bring thoughts on the topics of organized religion, love, values, boarders, things handed down, traditional thinking and several other fascinating topics throughout the chapters in Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition; all the while reminding us that it’s okay to be a free thinker.

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