Not just 5th November – Lorraine Graham

Fast as lightening, up they fly.
Destroying the silence of the dark sky.
Crowds below happily stare.
Cats and dogs cry out in despair!

Guy Fawkes, birthdays, Xmas, celebrations will never stop.
Silver dollar infectious for those at the top.
Millions of pounds, just burning up.
While the beggar weeps onto his empty cup.

Over indulgence lights up the sky.
Our Nhs, slowly saying goodbye.
Refugees dying! We can’t feed our own!
Wasteful seeds for the future, we have sown.

© Lorraine Graham


kkkLorraine Graham is a novice writer, she has a passion for poetry about the world that we live in. Reading and familiarizing herself with poets such as Margaret Atwood and D H Lawrence has inspired her. Poems such as ‘The Moment’ and ‘Storm in the black forest’ has really given Lorraine a thirst for poetry and for her it has been a reminder of how mankind continues to be greedy and selfish. Maybe this type of powerful truthful poetry could make people realise that mankind is just a visitor to this planet and while we are here we should put others first and money last.

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