Black, Blue, and Yellow


Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes

Black, Blue, and Yellow

Premeditated often predicated on animalistic instinct
Nature of the beast attack first; asking questions is how they think
Maintaining within the realms of the “law”
The trio was plain-clothed and all ready to draw
Cold hearted souls approaching like the winter in January
Without warning employing force that was unnecessary
An honor student laying to waste behind Mountain dew
Pigs running rampant donned in yellow leaving their carnage black and blue
Ambush in the night literally kicked to the curb
Compensated and acquitted is how they do in the ‘burg
Before putting on the mask of laughter and smiles
Take a minute and ask yourself where the justice for Mr. Jordan Miles

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

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Also available on by Title.

Photo Credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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