Introducing Angela M. Bertoli “Moonlit Thoughts”


Preface . . .

 I have worked my whole life at being committed to everything I do at 100%. Little did I know that in doing so, I had directly linked my identity to the things I was accomplishing instead of the person I truly am, my soul and my spirit were not in the limelight.

 I successfully raised two daughters and assumed the identity as a mother. I gave it my all and set forth to be the best mother on the planet. When my children left home I switched my attention to my job. I had been an accountant since the children were little, but until now, I had never tried to put it first and be entirely great at it.  I plowed forward and set up my own company and had a steady customer base that supported me and my daughters while I was putting them through college. Success had been found and I was a successful business woman and felt whole once again.

 During this period of time, two life changing experiences took place. First, I fell in love and got married. Second, I was diagnosed with several incurable diseases. During our first year of marriage I became unable to continue working.  Once again, I switched gears and became a housewife. I did everything at our home. My husband worked and I took care of the house like a champ. I was happy and fulfilled with my new role and my husband loved it as well.

 Three years in, tragedy struck and my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly. The grief was overwhelming and I felt as though I was nothing again. I knew at this point that if I didn’t recreate myself immediately, I would not recover from his death.  I decided to become a writer and to continue with my life, even though I wanted to lay down and die with him.

 I am now Moonlit Mystics

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