The Third Eye


The Third Eye

the accustomed sight,
it is an undefined segment
of arcane vision…

Beyond any general perception,
it is the
Empowerment of inner spirit

Farther than knowledge,
it is a mystique virtue of knowing the unknowns,
Leading the pilgrim of spirituality
to the paradise of higher consciousness…

Over the limit
of any general experience,
it is an abstract fascination
of abnormal enlightening…

For a better control over
Mind and emotions
for viewing the world
with supernatural hype…

a psychic awakening,
a dormant dynamism,
Channelizing the soul for achieving ecstatic conspicuousness.

It is the eye of extremes,
It is the . . .


© Hrishikesh Padhye

Excerpt from the book “Echoes And Consequences”
• Also available on by Title

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  1. After finding peace in yoga and meditation, I started reading about chakras and the body, mind connection. There is so much truth and power to heal ourselves in this ancient wisdom. Intuition, I believe, lives here. For abuse survivors, intuition is a form of survival and as we recover we can use our intuition in so many creative and healing capacities. Great poem!


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