Shining The Spotlight on: Prince A McNally – Stargazing

Spot 4

I stargaze at night…
wondering where she is

I reminisce upon hearing
a song sung by the Chi-lights

When suddenly I find myself
talking to the man on the moon…
And I ask of him “Have you seen her…
tell me have you seen her?”

Because I’ve been searching for her,
for as long as I can remember

And if my memory serves me right…
I first met her in my dreams
one cool summer’s night

I was trying to fall asleep
while counting sheep

When suddenly, my destiny
just happened by
I said hi!
She smiled and waved as her reply

While gazing upon the stars
in each others eyes
we indulged in the pleasantry
of effortless conversation…
interjecting brief moments of silence
just to keep it golden

And I remember…
being so amazed at
how she was able to
finish my sentences

How she dotted my i(S)
and crossed my t’s

She professed
to be clairvoyant.

And just to prove her point
she sat upon the floor and began
gathering my thoughts

She then placed her hand to her ear
and said the word “How”
I in return said: Wow!
Because that’s exactly what I was thinking…
How in the world could I have lived all this time
without her

She then , began running her fingers
gently through my locks…
Freeing my mind of writer’s block

Using them instead to build
pyramids for the dead poets
she resurrected through serenity’s song

And at that moment in time
her hair began to lock with mine

Thus, we became of
one love/ one mind

And as we placed our palms
beside each other
our life lines connected!

Revealing the path to the future!
of our unborn children
And the future revealed
they too…would be poets
scribing prophecy in prose and hieroglyphics
on subway cars and abandoned buildings

But the thought of having a wonderful life
with this women and our two beautiful children
was just too much for me to fully conceive,
to actually believe!!

And so I stood there!
helplessly trapped behind this wall of doubt!

struggling to free myself
of my fears
as she slowly faded
into my dreams!!
Unable to hear
my hollowed screams

I wipe the tears of silent prayers
seemingly unheard by God
For I know in the depths of my heart
I will see my Destiny again!

Because every now and then
she sends me the most beautiful love poems
inscribed in braille…
From the wonderful future
I was too blind…
to see.

© Prince A McNally, 9/30/2015

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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