New Release "Poetic Fiction: Journals of Silent Screams" by Author Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver was born in Baltimore Maryland on April 6th, 1982. Starting his writing career early at just 11 years old, his mind has always collected thoughts and transferred them to paper. There are thoughts about troubled childhood, thoughts of love…and imagination never eludes his pen. A poet by passion and a father of seven beautiful children, his dedication to his craft is second to none. He resides in New York with the love of his life, Jennie. She is his muse. Madness lives in his mind sparking unimaginable works of art that will never be fully understood or explained. His words are real and provoke insanity through an imaginary portal of nightmares and dreams. A writer of intense emotions. Jeff has written a collection of poetry that was published last year by Creative Talents Unleashed entitled Strange Sounds; His first fully published collection of poetry, full of monsters and beasts, love songs and total insanity. As he evolves from poetry, he has now completed his very first unique hard-hitting novel. He is ready to take on this literary world with every emotion that resides in his soul.

”Madness illustrates  what insanity demonstrates, while chaos illuminates   what Hell creates.” An example of Jeff’s many styles of writing

Jeff wants to reach audiences of the broken and deranged, the misfits, and the caged. He would like to reach the people that society seems to leave in waste. The mistakes, the strange, and the hated. The ones that people tend to forget.

Jeff will never fit in just like the audience he seeks, he just wants the world to know that it’s okay to bleed.


Xander has experienced a deranged and brutal childhood leaking into adulthood, pounding in his memories. Haunting him and hating him every day of his twisted life. Demons talk and shadows surround him in an unbearable reality that he cannot control. Xander never knows where he will wake up, leaving him cowering in his own corners of his uncontrollable insanity.

He writes frantically in his journals. Everyone and everything is out to get him in his cracked and broken consciousness. He’s planning a revenge so horrible and so sick; it drives his mind into a downward spiral from which he can never escape. Xander keeps waking up in a different state of mind, but at the same time wonders if he is even alive. He needs revenge for himself and his little brother Marcus. His plans are vile, his revenge is sweet, yet bitter on his tongue as he prepares for his feast. He lived with the Devil. Xander needs the voices to stop and the cackling to cease.

Memories haunt him of horrific abuse, attempted murder, and constant screams. Within his journals of psychotic rhyme, he becomes a prisoner in his own mind. As his alternate realities confuse and burn, changing everything he thought he had learned. Though many things change from day to day, the fact that he became a murderer stays the same. Everything that Xander became, is a result of the witch that kept him caged. Cackling at his rage, the full extent of the reasons that he went completely insane. Imagined asylums and imagined suicides, lost love and lost memories of children he never had, ripped away then given back again. Over and over the Devil pretends, confusing him into insanity in a horrific wasteland. The memories are vivid within his scattered thoughts, but in the masquerade of it all his mind was forever lost.

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