Crying Man


Tears run down his grief stricken face
And land on the ground of that isolated place

A call out to his father if there were any other way
The tears on the ground are there to stay

The grief so heavy his sweat turns to blood
Tears keep falling the dirt turns to mud

Even though he cries out he knows what must be done
You can almost hear his father tell him, but you’re the only one

He would bear this load alone as his friends all doze off
He must have thought the grief would never stop

The submissive servants tear still running down his face
All alone on the ground that night those tears brought amazing grace

As he stood ready to die one last tear did fall
It wasn’t for you or me alone
That tear was for us all.

© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from his book “Pressing On”

Now Available for Purchase $13.95 At:
• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Roy Morsch/CORBIS

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  1. Crying is good for inner self!! | From guestwriters

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