I Gave My Fate Away

Pressing On

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

I Gave My Fate Away

I have walked dark roads that lead to nowhere
I know how to get there now by heart
I was only looking to get to somewhere
I just never knew where to start

But now I put my fate in your hands
and hold onto the promised land
I know this will cost me everything I am
But when I’m with you I understand

So I gave my fate away today
No longer willing to go my own way
Hangin on to every word you say
I will not go I will only stay

Father please hear me now
At the cross I lay me down
And if to the world I seem to be a clown
It don’t matter cause I’m holy bound

Dear Jesus please hear me say
I will not just walk away
Make me better today
Than I was yesterday

Holy Spirit hear my heart
With you I’m sealed and can never part
Turn me into a masterpiece of art
Never let me cause you thwart

I am faithful that my fate is full
And to this I will not pull the staples
That this love has sealed and sutured me so grateful
May I remain always faithfully fateful.

© Billy Charles Root

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