Philosophy of a Fly

Common housefly flying on white --- Image by © 2/Sabine Scheckel/Ocean/Corbis

Image by © 2/Sabine Scheckel/Ocean/Corbis

As I watched the fly in my room;
fly repeatedly into the wall
looking for a means of an escape
I thought to myself…

“What stupidity”

The more I thought about it,
the more I realized that we are
all flies; flying into the walls of fate and mistakes

Such is life,
until you find your true passion
and learn not to just stare in wonder at the stars,
but decide to become one of them yourself…

We all stumble, we all fall.
We all strive for permanence,
in a world of impermanent truths

We all look for ourselves in every ray of light
that catches our eye.
We all have regrets… yes…but,
we all also have the capacity to achieve greatness
and the capacity to love.


The beam of hope in the darkness of your self-doubt
Love will bring you faith,
and faith will bring you forwards…

© Adam Levon Brown

Except from the book “Musings of a Madman”

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Photo Credit: © 2/Sabine Scheckel/Ocean/Corbis

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