New Release “Muse Moments Poetry inspired by Noam Chomsky” by Author Jeffery Martin


Jeffery Martin has long been a writer of deep thought and contemplation. As such, he has studied the works of other persons of depth.

Jeffery is deeply inspired by the prolific works of philosopher, writer and activist, Noam Chomsky. Having communicated with Mr. Chomsky through emails and finally meeting him in person, Jeffery felt that he, himself, had something much greater to extol through his love of the written word.  He endeavors to use his gift of writing as a forum for awareness and awakening.

I have long admired the honesty and pearls of wisdom found in Jeffery Martin’s books; however, I was unprepared for the naked rawness and honesty of his writing within these pages. His most profound thoughts have been unleashed within this book of prose, which speaks to history and the present-day oppression, marginalization and the subjugation of peoples everywhere. He goes beyond mere politics but rather to the human condition. His words speak with the certain, undeniable soul ache. These are the writings of conscious/awakened person; viewing this time

and space as a call to be more, do more and unabashedly speak the truth.

I applaud Jeffrey Martin’s honesty.

I thank Noam Chomsky for evoking the depths and the very best from this poet.

Brenda-Lee Ranta, Author


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