Inspiration Call: Stranger Conversations

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Inspiration Call: Start the first line of your poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. down and out
    in Korea

    I met a writer
    the other day
    in the 24/7 sauna

    where he is living
    while on a visa run
    from Japan

    he is one stop away
    from being homeless
    as winter is looming

    he is in between
    girl friends

    was going to marry
    for a visa
    but that fell through

    got a new contract
    to write video games
    but has to wait
    for payment

    and so he is in between
    and I recall
    that decades ago
    I was in his shoes

    but only for a few weeks
    things came together
    met my wife
    and that made me
    a wealthy rich retiree

    the song runs through my head
    no one loves you
    if you are down and out

    and I hope
    that things
    turn out
    for my down and out

    living in the sauna
    on 30 dollars a day

    Korea and Japan
    are expensive places
    to be down and out

    he’d bee better off
    In Thailand
    or Vietnam

    where the down and out
    down on their luck
    are everywhere


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