Inspiration Call: Talking Walls

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Inspiration Call: What story would the walls in this building tell if they could speak? Tell us the story.

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  1. She is doing my her best
    Clawing her way back from the brink of death
    These walls have never seen
    The fear beat into me

    A house all her own
    The starting point
    Feels like home

    Living unafraid
    No monsters in her space
    Evil shadows turned to light

    Struggling and alone
    But a true survivor
    Never giving up her fight

    It’s enough for me
    Your judgment
    Your selfish needs
    Your opinions
    Not tonight

    Things I no longer need
    I live today despite
    Safe in this space
    I will live to see tomorrow



  2. Walls Have Ears

    An old cabin in the woods
    Has seen many things
    Over the years

    This cabin
    Is not an ordinary cabin
    it is deep in the woods
    near Moscow

    it is a dacha
    reserved for the rich
    and powerful elites
    of Russia

    and in this cabin
    many dark secrets
    were revealed
    after obligatory shots
    of vodka

    these walls
    have dark secrets
    to reveal

    but no one can hear
    the voices of the walls
    so these secrets
    will be taken
    to the grave

    the cabin
    is sad
    that humans
    can’t hear
    what it has to say

    but so be it
    that is the way
    of the world

    have another drink
    my friend



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