Inspiration Call: “Acrostic Poetry”


Inspiration Call: “Acrostic Poetry”, Write the title vertical on the page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one word or a very short word, just one that you want to get a certain feeling across. Remember, even though acrostic is a different type of poetry, it’s still poetry! They can still have the same poetic devices every other poem has. Add the lines of your poem to the acrostic. Your lines will begin with the corresponding letter of that particular line. Each line has to relate with each other line, and the acrostic letters must also relate to each other.

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  1. Forever in my heart
    Remains a portrait of you and me
    In which our innocence used to be
    Even though we are apart
    Nothing compares to the life we shared together
    Dear I hope we’d meet again
    Sharing all the laughter and pain
    Having you as my dearest friend
    Is pleasure that can never end
    Precious as gold, but which no money can purchase


  2. Thank you for sharing your acrostic poem Friendship. 🙂


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