The Tolerance of Intolerance by Justin R. Hart

Can we feel the intimidation,
the perilous fear,
the hasty conclusions?
Do we fairly judge,
assume before knowing?
Can there be balance blending
a rainbow of opportunity?
Do we see the results
from our desperate violence?
Is this the nature of our nature?
It is our irrational attitude,
our blatant bias
that creates this blind vision,
a short sided intolerance,
and narrow-mindedness.
Can we hear the bark
of the dogmatic bigot
left standing on the street?
Do we smell the trifling disregard,
the preconceived judgment,
the half-baked ignorance?
Can we taste the bitterness
of our personal choices?
Do we quench our thirst
with savory apprehension
and smell our pungent suspicions.
We feel our quick decisions,
then hear mocking disrespect,
and jeers for our fears.
We have had years of tears,
flooding our rivers
to sea…With color blindness,
Rainbows do blend!

© Justin R. Hart

Excerpt from the book The Dawn of Pondering Passions

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