Haunted Solstice by Peter V. Dugan

Just before you doze off to sleep

you hear them outside the window

in the garden on a hot summer night.

A band of nomadic gnomes known

as the Yellowbelly Scuttlebutts.

True musical morticians who play

the razzmatazz jazz of real hepcat

banjoists and hipster harmonicas.

Dressed in their trademark off-color

chinchilla jackets, iridescent nightwear,

and Raman-noodle loafers, they

intermingle the newest passion of fashion

With their makeshift inversions

of discordant notes, that taunt and tease

the frenzy of scattered words, a fast shuffle

of changing phases and turning phrases.

A cacophony of mixed melodies

evoke a sense of remorse and revved-up

rebuke, as rows daffodils evaporate in

the light of the electrified moonshine.

Amid ghosts of the aroused void,

new and frighteningly deformed creatures,

monsters, spawned  by imagination

and fears, crawl out from the muck

of one’s mind to bask in the shadows cast

by the mist that shrouds the haloed moon.

There will be no sleep tonight.

© Peter V. Dugan

Excerpt from the book “Down The Rabbit Hole”

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