Writer’s Challenge: Simply describe what you see


Writer’s Challenge: Simply describe what you see.

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  1. Walking through the woods at the end of time

    Walking in the woods
    Down by Ft Belvoir
    In the wildlife refuge

    Lost in space
    Looking at the fog covered mystic woods
    And a bridge over a creek

    Wondering about life
    And death

    And what did the trees think of us
    Will mankind be around
    For the next millennium

    Or will someday soon
    The world move one without us

    The trees stare at me
    Giving me a chill

    As I knew that they knew
    The end of man
    Was coming soon


  2. Foggy bottom rising up
    Trees scrawling all around
    Encroaching atmosphere
    Lost in silence.


  3. Just when she thought she had no way out of it, just when she could not see anything, a bridge appeared in front of her. To lead her on the way, to the way.


  4. Sepia

    The evening light was sepia
    when I looked upwards
    like an old photograph
    and slightly misty
    like an old photograph
    of undeveloped technique.
    But that was looking upwards.
    Down below the sepia darkened
    turning brown as primeval mud
    in an frightful ancient swamp.
    Not a place to sit and contemplate the sepia
    of the fading light
    with the foreground blackening,
    becoming yet more dense
    in the fading light
    becoming a place to hurry through
    not a place to sit and contemplate
    the changes
    of the fading light.

    Lynn White


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