Inspiration Call: Found Poetry


Inspiration Call: Found Poetry

“Found” poetry is a type of poetry that takes existing texts and reforms, reshapes, and reimagines them as poems It is a literary equivalent of “collage”; you are making or creating a poem out of other found texts Examples of other texts: newspaper articles, advertisements, song lyrics, speeches, street signs, billboards, etc. 

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  1. another Microsoft dictation found poem

    Heidi sorry
    I decide to Please Least an appointment
    Tornier can one of the new buildings
    going up in downtown Berkeley

    Getting this
    I’m walking distance to restaurants
    to movies at The University

    Can I get a 3 bedroom apartment
    Jo Ann Simmons Hello
    wait for my stuff to come
    from Korea

    there enjoying my stuff coming
    I spent a few weeks
    Organizing and I haven’t
    Estate sale

    I get rid of my mother’s stuff
    and downsizing quite a bit

    I certainly am
    I settle in
    and come up with

    Hey cortina
    I applied for
    Damn every day

    in creative writing
    in September system state
    and I get in

    I’m making plans to attend
    When My life changers
    As I need someone


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