Truth Stone by Brenda-Lee Ranta

a coveted moonstone secreted by

her corseted bosom, lay against her

heart, her long tendrils fell upon ivory

shoulders, her onyx eyes – challenging.

pulling golden sabre from it’s sheath

making ready to spar for a sacred stone.

the other, his emblazoned breast plate,

glints of a lunar light; raising his sword

for her honour alone, a duel to win her;

she be the prize, she be his true magic


when chalice shall hold their blood,

raised on high victorious, a wench,

beauteous in mystery, love bitten in

a singular glance, shaking her mane

of silken hair, haughty, enticing him

that be privy alone to her favours,

whilst steeds be stepping back in

readiness of the riders call, to the

death, be it moonstone, be it she,

their contest be jousting – taunting


behind a thicket, she slipped in wait

her future on steeds, their mighty

wails of  chivalry decreed, keeping

her pride at bay, knowledge that for

him, a coveted stone be the prize,

whilst the other saw only her, a

Bellibone, in her simple perfection.

a silence followed by crackling of

twigs beneath each footfall, breath

quickened; her eyes snapped open


he stood before her, the glint of a

breastplate, his arms extended out

towards her, beckoning, his hand

opened, in his palm a glistening

moonstone; she, pulling out same

blue stone, hidden in her bosom;

held it out to him too, a battle won

for her alone, philotimy was hers,

she forever the victory, she never

be the spoils, beseeching his love


they made haste to each other’s arms,

cling to each other, his low mutterings

“Oh fair one, let me die before you,”

his body falling slowly to the ground,

to lay among the leaves in the thicket;

his moonstone fell at her feet; blue glint

of lunar light reflected in his armour,

a garnet pool forming beneath him;

onyx rained from her eyes, magic lost,

her moon had perished beneath the stars


two moonstones lay betwixt them in the

evening dew, reflecting nothing at all.


© Brenda-Lee Ranta

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