Inspiration Call: Character Development


Inspiration Call: This is the character in your next chapter. Provide us with a small glance into her characteristics by creating a short story or poem.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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    That painful sting of piranhas swimming the rivers of intricate innards
    gnawing, eating at its banks, could paint the rotten pear like apples
    In crimson pool that was blood – Shinning! Red! Fresh! Delectable!

    When innocence got robbed from cradles into Love-for-sale
    where admiration means, get naked, lay down and open your legs
    to strangers wearing cheap cognac as aftershave – Disgusting!

    A nightmare disguised as fairytale, shared so none would forget
    that the temptation of grandeur boxed in the sandcastle of life
    is no worse than the promise of hell wrapped in a shack of death

    There is no fairy godmothers nor Prince Charmings
    But Cinderella is real – wearing bronze shackles
    Prisoners of stereotypes

    ©OxyMoronicMe G.L.emz


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