Writer Highlight Featuring: Justin R. Hart



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com



“Time’s Addiction”

Initially inebriated
by the labor of birth,
intoxicating Time tracks
our stimulated lives
with tantalizing traces
of exhilarating
euphoric elevations,
arousing a remedy
that shares a substance
for a sensitivity
to vibrate ecstasy
as symptoms of seizures
strike secondary seconds,
and moments malaise
into malady’s minutes.
Uncounted hours are ours,
while waiting for days,
though yearning for years
to find faith’s fruition
within the duality
of individuality.
Still, our terminal addiction
that tepid Time buys
can only be cured
during death’s demise.

© Justin R. Hart

Response to our Inspiration Call on September 20, 2017

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2 replies

  1. What wonderful writing this is Justin, you have a glossary of the most poetic words & a soul to bring your work to our heart´s attention. x ❤


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