Hourglass – Damon E. Johnson


Eyes pressed up against the glass

busy counting each grain of sand

they say all things will come to pass

but more time you can’t demand


Life is definitely for the living

sometimes you have to stop/smell the flowers

every day should be thanksgiving

whether sunny skies or scattered showers


Our internal clock is constantly ticking

with plenty of work still left to be done

the fruits of prosperity are ripe for picking

and are available to everyone


But you can’t be a slave to time

because you will never truly have peace

yet to waste it would be a crime

for your anxiety will only increase


You just have to pray, live, love, and learn

and keep your goals within your reach

and then time will no longer be a concern

because there is plenty of sand on the beach


© Damon E. Johnson

Rhythm In My Blues

Excerpt from the book Rhythm In My Blues


About the Author

Damon E. Johnson is an accomplished freelance writer and poet currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He has two prior poetry books to his credit. Cited for its raw feelings and expressions of love, Rhythm in My Blues, Damon’s debut collection, was a stellar introduction to the poetry world. He continued to excite his readers with his follow up collection: The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes, which blasted onto the scene with raw passion and sensuality. Both works solidified Damon as a force in the literary world of poetry.

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