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For all you’ve sweetly done and endured~

I fall deeper in love, over and ever-again…

Forgiving the sinful world, now dormant in you,

As you battle fiercely to protect me from it.

I was abandoned and coldly stranded here~

Untrustingly broken, hiding in the dark woods…

Mocked by poisoned madness and black magic,

And yet, my pain you claimed, calmed…understood.

Piece by piece, you kissed me awake and alive~

Moment by moment, the agonies fell and withered.

In your eyes, I saw a future…then, heaven revealed,

Through your touch, I felt transfixed…purely healed.

Oh, my nobly righteous, romantic King…

You’ve forged and own the rarest, royal key~

One that so tenderly unlocks my fragile heart…

Protect it, guard it…forever use it, carefully.

My body and honeyed lips, I dedicate to only thee~

My honor and loyalty, is yours for all eternity…

For twelve blessed years, I’ve been thy blushing Queen~

Adorned with your name, crowned in our precious destiny.

© Christa Frazee

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