Introducing Author Damon E. Johnson “Forbidden Fruit”

Foreword . . .

I have had the pleasure of knowing Poet Damon E. Johnson for many years. We actually made one another’s acquaintance during our matriculation at Savannah State College. However, it wasn’t until nearly thirty years later that I learned of his incredible talent. I am a true lover of poetry, and when Damon’s mastery of this literary form came to light, I was amazed.

Damon’s first volume of poetry, “Rhythm In My Blues” was filled with sentiments of love and lust. This sensual collection is thought provoking, and gives its readers the opportunity to experience the raw emotion that’s held within a man’s heart.

I’m proud to say that I was one of the first to obtain a copy of “The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes” Damon’s second volume of poetry. I anticipated a book filled with epicurean prose, and I was not disappointed. His words flowed luxuriously across the pages, and were filled with thoughts of sensual pleasures that connect us as humans on a carnal level.

Thankfully, the wait for his third release, “Forbidden Fruit” is over. Damon has once again brought us a collection of divinely written poems that will fill each of its readers with a longing for love and an intense desire for a life filled with passion. Allow his words to speak for you, share them with the one you love, and enjoy the fire that they are sure to ignite.

Stacey Covington-Lee, Author “When Love Ain’t Enough”

Damon Forbidden Fruit

Preface . . .

Love is universally accepted as the one thing that connects us all as humans. Be it an innocent feeling of admiration, or a deep passionate longing, love can often lead to lustful thoughts of desire. Vulnerable, we blindly pursue the urge that permeates our souls as we become entangled in a whirlwind of emotions where escape seems impossible. It is in this space that love becomes the Forbidden Fruit… sweet, and often times the thing we crave, but shouldn’t. The feeling can be fleeting, yet when realized, the memory can last a lifetime. One taste and we may soon begin to realize that, in fact, we were the ones who were bitten.


“And both our hunger and our appetite were satisfied with just one bite.”

Damon E. Johnson


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  1. Today I made my first purchase, and I plan to buy a book to support Creative Talents Unleashed writers every other week until I have at least ten books in my collection… I look forward to this one and the many to follow! Congrats!



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