Born Free – Author Debra McLain

© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporation

She is a tiger, who adores an untamed lion,
tempestuous moments, make him ROAR.
No chain shall hinder his hunger for freedom,
loose in the wild, he comes home for more.
Smokin’ and drinkin’, tokin’ and rebellin’,
unbridled, on the prowl for that next high.
Conformity pains him, he was born to roam,
some don’t understand his reasons why.
His feline is near, embracing his power,
a master of his domain and carnal needs.
Ferocious desires for an unrestrained life,
when trapped in a cage, his soul bleeds.

© Debra McLain

Excerpt from the book “Silhouettes Of My Soul”

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Photo Credit: © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

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  1. Mankind will cage anything but himself insecurities of a weak minded subhuman things , same goes for those who force fight animals


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