Shining The Spotlight on: Donall Dempsey

Spot 3


You’re kidding?

The goat is on
the table.

The goat comes in
( doesn’t even bother to knock )&

stands on the table
for a good half hour

as if it were an art installation
or some obscure goat ritual

that humans are
unaware of

as if it were a phrase
in a foreign dictionary

the equivalent of
the cat sat on the mat.

And when the goat
is done

it just jumps down
and leaves

just as it came

as if it were
the most ordinary

of ordinary things
to do.

Even now, I still see
the ghost of that goat

even though it was long ago
made into stew

as if the goat realized
that a time

would come
& come it would

when it would end up
on the table

but not of its own

But right now
it is standing its ground

on the Melamine table top
with the pink gingham table cloth

and becoming that something that
just can not be


© Donall Dempsey 1/10/16

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”
MicroPoetry Challenge.

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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