Ladies Night -Author Veronica Thornton

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From the suburbs to the hood
the power of sisterhood is all good
sometimes the ladies have to break out the stilettos
to let everything go
tonight is not about any man
let every woman get a drink in her hand
toast the woman next to you
because with all our daily responsibilities
another woman is the only one who will understand you
just for a little while we get to let our hair down
with a ladies night on the town
inebriated bound a sense of freedom found
with no man or kids around
talking about everything between life and work,
flirting with jerks, devious smirks whatever works
a chance to let down our hair
and party without a care but when we’re done
we leave all that stuff there
then once again back to the daily wearing of many hats
and the daily grind
but in the back of our minds
we think about that good times
we had with sisters of all kinds
wishing we didn’t have to leave it all behind
but for a few hours
we stood together like a beautiful garden of flowers
walking in stilettos and letting our cares go
and talking about things that only another woman knows
a reminder to take some time and clear your mind
treat yourself good
and enjoy at least one night of sisterhood
whether in the suburbs or the hood.

© Veronica Thornton

Excerpt from the book “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me”

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Photo Credit: © DUEL/Corbis

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