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About the Author

Damon E. Johnson

Damon E. Johnson is a freelance writer and poet currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Defying all stereotypes, this ex-jock and gridiron hero from the inner city writes sensitively about love, life, and all of the passion in between. Damon is a graduate of Savannah State College and credits his love of words and writing to the first love of his life: his mother, Mary Jo Johnson.

The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes is his second book of poetry following his stellar debut collection, Rhythm in My Blues. Like fine wine this exploration of love and desire teases the palate as you experience the bitter and the sweet in an explosion of emotion released by his pen.

Damon’s Reader Reviews

Since the release of The Vineyard ~ Exploding Grapes Damon has remained the top selling Author at Creative Talents Unleashed. The Vineyard has received over 37 five star reviews on amazon and continues to climb the top 100 chart. Here are just a few of his readers thoughts about his poetry.

This is an Amazing Work of Life Imitating Art

This is an amazing work of life imitating art. The author is a master of words that causes the reader to travel to a literary heaven. This journey makes magical stops along unimaginable paths that only a creative mind such as his could put on paper. Romance, passion, the beauty of love making in its purest sense, revelation of self, happy moments, sad moments, accomplished and complete all wrapped up in “The Vineyard Exploding Grapes”. Sweet to the Core. Love it!

–  Valorie Wright – July 22, 2015

The 2015 Vintage is a Classic

As a man I found this to be very useful in finding creative ways to step up the romance in my relationship. Love and life is the theme here and Mr. Damon Johnson serves it up in a way that conjures memories of some Nikki Giovanni especially her “love poems” book. I am sure he is a fan of hers. The title itself invokes the idea of romance and love as does the art work. Do yourself a favor men, get this book, read it and make your woman happy.

–   Drexel Clark – July 24, 2015

Tasty Reflections

Flavorful, electric and vibrant, this collection of poems satiates everyone from the novice to the connoisseur. Decadent and savory, each section of poetry offers varietals of wordplay so grown and sexy, the readings are intoxicating. Opening with a smooth Chardonnay, selections like “in Your Skin” subtle and liquid, guide the reader to a place of calm reflection. While “View from the Sidelines (The Game of Love)” tenders an emotional jaunt of body and mind ebullient with spice and sensuality. By the time the reader is ready to open the Merlot (section), the undertaking of love shifts to the more rich colors and moods of healthy adult themes and perspectives. “June Jordan” is sobering yet rousing; robust like a hearty Merlot. At the same time, “Reality Check” expresses the complexities of committed love and sexuality. From “Chocolate Thighs” to “Epiphany” the book ends with a flourish of warmth and color. A journey through a poetic adventure of sensuality ‘The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes’ is a masterpiece of the most delicious variety.

BeauVyne – September 30, 2015

One More Time With Feeling!

Excellent collection of romantic poetry. Prepare to take a passionate, suggestive, but tasteful journey through the vineyard. Poetry enthusiasts and amateur readers will enjoy Mr. Johnson’s skills for vision, wordplay, and insight on romance. Most of us had the pleasure of falling spellbound for love, Mr. Johnson simply provides the words we all felt. And for those who are lucky, you still feel it!

October 5, 2015

damon front mdf 2

“Like a vintage wine love seeps through our skin quenching hunger’s thirst.” Dark, rich and full bodied, only begin to describe this wonderful blend of poetry contained in The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes. It is a bouquet of love and desire with a spicy undertone of lust. A very generous wine of words, this second collection of poetry from Damon Johnson takes the reader on a poetic journey, and with its smooth attack it is indeed, full on the palate with a lingering finish.

Now Available in e-Book format at: http://www.amazon.com/Vineyard-Exploding-Grapes-Damon-Johnson-ebook/dp/B015UZEZGE

Or Print At: http://www.ctupublishinggroup.com/damon-e.-johnson-.html

Damon E. Johnson Author Interview

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