Do the Math – Author Christopher Allen Breidinger


Hey! Psst! I’m trying to get your attention.
There is something I just need to mention.
You scoff at wives tale superstition.
That is, unless it’s passed along with your religion.
If someone you know of flesh and bones
Tells you the same story with a brand new tone,
They’d be crazy and out of their dome.
Medicate them and send them to a mental home.
For it is far easier to put this faith in a past
Written by conquerors of other sects and castes.
And this tale is true. Believe or lambaste!
But beliefs are more scattered than a nuclear bomb blast.
Ten thousand religions in a loving blood bath.
This is the meaning of life. Do the math.

© Christopher Allen Breidinger

Excerpt from the book “Poet Christopher’s Myths,
Methods, and Golden Messages”

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