Grecian Dream – Author Adam Levon Brown

Adam Brown book

The rusty gates of sleep close once more
and Hypnos steals my eyes for another night.

I dream dreams that no mortal is meant to dream
As I drift, I see things no mortal is ever meant to see…

Poseidon in all of his fury, Eros in all of his glory,
Thanatos in all of his dread…

I see gods that are invisible to the human eye,
and I shudder that most human shudder…of fear.

I am taken and guided along the mists of lost worlds, worlds that you could never imagine.

Halycon skies, Cherub faces,
Awestruck cries, and golden laces.

I awaken suddenly; I am alone.

Cold sweat dots my face and I wonder aloud to myself.
Is any of this real?

© Adam Levon Brown

Except from the book “Musings of a Madman”

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